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What code rail is this? It looks to be too light to be a mainline that would
support a diesel. It also looks like taller rail webbing as it nears and
crosses Taylor Town road. This is the crossing I use to go to work.

Also off of I-81 North, exit 296 first Strasburg exit, if you make a right
toward Strasburg about a ¼ mile on the left is what looks to be an old
freight station. I will try to get pictures for there are no markings I
could see.





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That's the former B&O/Southern line that used to run to Harrisonburg (in
fact, the B&O at one time extended all the way to Lexington).  I believe a
section south of Edinburg was abandoned some time ago, so this is now no
more than a dead end branch.

The section between Edinburg and Woodstock, though, was the object of some
serious negotiations a couple of years ago between NS and the Virginia
Central, which wanted to lease/purchase the line to run their steam
excursions.  The last I heard was the deal had fallen through, though (that
was about 2003, if I recall correctly).  The steam engines are still at C&O
Flats in Staunton (last I heard) with most of the rolling stock stored on
the SVRR at Verona.

Ken Moss        Charlottesville, VA

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I work for Shenandoah Telecommunications (Shentel) and was wonder what the
line was that ran parallel to route 11 north through Edinburg towards
Woodstock? Is this a Branch line? Is it still in use? I saw the other day a
NS hirail truck checking things out. One gentleman I work with said he was
told it has been almost a year since a train has been through.


Jon Kelley 

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