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Harry, Frank et al:

Order No. 92 is a perfect example of the Train Dispatcher setting up his 
whole day's business with one train order, then sitting back and taking the OS's 
for the rest of the day.

The real beauty of the order is that every train crew "knew where everybody 
else was."  That is, they all had the big picture of the operation of the 
division or dispatching district.

But I'll bet it took the DS thirty minutes to take all the repetitions... if 
all seven named locations were "open offices" and not "blind sidings."

With an all-encompassing order like this, one engine failure or serious 
disruption would probably make the Train Dispatcher jump out the window.

-- abramoslav burnettovych, "SW" Telegraph Office
       (put 14 degrees on your train sheet for 6am weather today in Penna., 
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