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More info on the presentation please, location.

Oakie G Ford

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>       Norfolk & Western's steam turbine-electric locomotive No. 2300,
> referred to as "Jawn Henry," was a joint project of The Babcock & Wilcox
> Co., Westinghouse Electric Co., Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corp., and the
> railway.  When placed in service in 1954, at 4500 horsepower it was hailed
> as the "world's largest single unit locomotive."   Employing a water-tube
> boiler to generate steam at 600 psi and 900 degrees F, it represented the
> last great effort to build a coal-fired locomotive that would be
> with a diesel-electric.
>       "Jawn Henry" was tested and operated on various parts of the N&W
> system, including numerous assignments on the Blue Ridge pusher. Although
> worthwhile experiment, its complexity and unreliability contributed to its
> failure to meet its owner's expectations, and it was retired in 1957.
>       Louis M. Newton of Roanoke retired from the Norfolk & Western in
> after 37 years of service.  In two of his early years with the company he
> was involved in the construction, testing and operation of "Jawn Henry."
> His talk and slide show presentation at the March meeting of the Blue
> Chapter, NRHS, will be adapted from his book, "RAILS REMEMBERED, Volume 4,
> The Tale of a Turbine," an account of the history of the locomotive and
> experiences with it.
>      The meeting will be held in the Kemper Street Station Community room
> on Wed. March 9, 2005 at 7:30 pm.
> Ron Davis
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