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      Norfolk & Western's steam turbine-electric locomotive No. 2300, often 
referred to as "Jawn Henry," was a joint project of The Babcock & Wilcox 
Co., Westinghouse Electric Co., Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corp., and the 
railway.  When placed in service in 1954, at 4500 horsepower it was hailed 
as the "world's largest single unit locomotive."   Employing a water-tube 
boiler to generate steam at 600 psi and 900 degrees F, it represented the 
last great effort to build a coal-fired locomotive that would be competitve 
with a diesel-electric.

      "Jawn Henry" was tested and operated on various parts of the N&W 
system, including numerous assignments on the Blue Ridge pusher. Although a 
worthwhile experiment, its complexity and unreliability contributed to its 
failure to meet its owner's expectations, and it was retired in 1957.

      Louis M. Newton of Roanoke retired from the Norfolk & Western in 1987 
after 37 years of service.  In two of his early years with the company he 
was involved in the construction, testing and operation of "Jawn Henry." 
His talk and slide show presentation at the March meeting of the Blue Ridge 
Chapter, NRHS, will be adapted from his book, "RAILS REMEMBERED, Volume 4, 
The Tale of a Turbine," an account of the history of the locomotive and his 
experiences with it.

     The meeting will be held in the Kemper Street Station Community room 
on Wed. March 9, 2005 at 7:30 pm.

Ron Davis

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