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I volunteer at the Illinois Railway Museum (IRM) and I have spent a fair 
amount of time trying to piece together how 2050 ended up at IRM.

2050 was retired by the N&W in 1958, and was sent to Armco Steel Co. in 
Middletown Ohio along with several other engines to be scrapped.  As far as I know, 
the locomotive spent its entire career with the N&W.  At some point after 
arriving at Armco Steel, the scrap yard picked 2050 to be a stationary steam 
boiler, and cut a hole in its steam dome to attach a steam line.  To the best of 
my knowledge the locomotive was only used as a stationary boiler for a short 
time, and then went back to the scrap line.  Over the years, some of the 
employees at Armco tried to save a few of the Y class engines, and 2050 managed to 
survive into the 1970's.  

IRM had originally contacted Armco Steel to request a diesel locomotive 
donation when they became aware of 2050.  At first, Armco steel wanted too much 
money for 2050, and IRM lost interest.  Luckily, shortly after the diesel was 
donated, someone from Middletown Ohio who happened to have a large amount of 
influence on Armco Steel visited IRM.  They  were impressed, and worked to 
convince Armco to donate 2050 to the museum in 1975.  It arrived at the Museum in 
April of 1976.

I know a few of the people who went to Middletown to inspect the locomotive, 
clean axle bearing, and get the brakes working.  Unfortunately, 18 years of 
sitting outside was hard on the locomotive, and it was in fairly rough shape.  
N&W had performed boiled work on the engine not too long before retirement, but 
the running gear was very tired when it was scrapped.  The jacketing and 
lagging had been left on the locomotive, and a fairly deep pit was rusted into the 
top of the boiler shell.  As far as I know the faded N&W paint scheme was 
still on the engine when in arrived at IRM.

The tender and top 1/2 of the boiler on 2050 were cleaned and painted many 
years ago.  Unfortunately, it really needs a good cosmetic restoration.  I have 
been raising money for a cosmetic restoration for several years, and I hope to 
eventually raise enough money to get the work completed.

Jason Maxwell
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