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There were four lightweight diners, Nos. 491-494, built by 
Pullman-Standard in 1949. Generally assigned as such, two were for the 
Powhatan Arrow, two for the Pocahontas. However, shopping and other 
circumstances occasionally changed that scheme of operation.

One was converted to the dormitory car, later sold, one was sold to an 
operation in Lewiston, Maine where it and two PG coaches were converted 
to a restaurant. One went to Amtrak, was damaged in a wreck at 
Dyersburg, Tennessee in 1973 and it was retired and given to Lakeshore 
Chapter NRHS. The remaining car, N&W kept for business car specials 
after the end of passenger service. In the mid 1980s, the Amtrak car 
was reacquired by NS for business car trains, and both remain with the 
company today.

Ken Miller

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> Did the N&W have a diner named Powhatan?  If not does anyone know who 
> did.  This diner eventually ended up on Royal American Shows train.
> Larry Smith
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