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Oh no!
I know my friend would have wanted that. I asked for my frind whose Great Grandfather was Ezra. If there are any more detail, please let me know. He was very excited to hear that there are some records. Any pictures or anything related, please send them to me.
Robert Lent
sirironhorse at yahoo.com

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The messages about the 2092 rang a bell with me, literally. When I was about 16 in the late 50s and living in Lynchburg, Va., I was picking up plates and so on from scrap yards.  People began to know that I was interested in railroad "junk."  A local antique dealer, and there weren't many in those days, brought me a bell to clean up for her to sell in her shop.  All she had been told about it was that it was N&W and that the engine had been in a wreck a long time prior. The cast iron cradle and brass bell were in fine shape, just very dirty and tarnished. As I cleaned away the crud I found the number 2092 stamped into the flat area at the top of the bell. It was a very deep stamp, probably 1/8th of an inch deep, I remember. While I was away in college in early 60s the bell was sold and I never knew where it went.
Aubrey Wiley
Lynchburg, Va.
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