October 2004 Model Railroader Magazine

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Great article - the only things I noted equipment-wise were the lightweight head end cars.

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  I just got my Model Railroader in the mail today (Saturday).  While I'm sure some of the veterans who were there may find some fault in the article, I thought it was wonderful!  It answered so many of my questions about N&W's passenger consists.  Passenger service was discontinued two months after I was born, so I have no memory of it, but I do remember the blue geeps, and hamburger heralds, and shiny red C31 cabooses.  

  My compliments on the article, its a great help to me!

  Ben Blevins

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    I chanced across a copy of the October MR in the local library, and was
    very happy to see an article on Modelling N&W Passenger Ops in the 1950s
    & 60s. I was even happier to see the author was none other than Rich
    Weyand, which gives it extra some credibility.

    Great effort Rich. The quick couple of minutes I had to flick through it
    convinced me to buy a copy ASAP. Fellow listmembers who don't subscribe
    (I used to, but we won't go there....) could do worse than to grab a
    copy to add to their reference collections too.

    Simon Leigh.
    Auckland, N.Z.

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