N&W Work Trains in the 1950's

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Thu Aug 26 23:31:44 EDT 2004


   I am curious about N&W work trains as they existed and were used around 
1950, or in general during the last decade of steam operations.

   First, what was a typical consist for a work train used to clear up 
derailments (ie, type and, if possible, class of cars)? Would this be a 
pretty consistant consist, or would cars be added/removed depending on the 
job in question? As a side note, would this train also be resposible for 
rebuilding the track and roadbed?

   Next, as far as motive power was concerned, was there an engine that 
would have been assigned to the work train, or was it simply a matter of 
what was available in the roundhouse when the train was needed?

   Finally, was there a standard placement for work trains throughout the 
system. Generally, would trains be assigned to a division, or more dependant 
on the distance and time factors?

   Thank you and have a good day!

Mykel Stovall

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