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Wed Aug 25 10:53:46 EDT 2004

Addressing Rod Peisker's request about builder's numbers for N & W Class J
4-8-4 locomotives, the same tabulation shows:

    The 600 - 604 had boiler numbers 311 - 315
    The 605 - 610 had boiler numbers 347 - 352
    The 611 - 613 had boiler numbers 388 - 390

Although this tabulation uses the term "boiler number," the more common
terms are "builder's number," "builder number" or "construction number"
usually depending on the builder.

Gordon Hamilton
Don''t know what US practice was, but the Brits assigned a construction number that was related to the frame,etc.  All boilers were individually numbered with values totally unrelated to the locomotive build number.  I have several books for GWR and LNER loco class histories that show specific boilers [by number] being moved from one locomotive to another, usually within the same class.  Some of the locos lasted long enough that they were reboilered two or three times.  

Jim Stapleton

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