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Wed Aug 25 07:08:35 EDT 2004

Since the subject of J1 to J rebuilding has come up, I
found some information several years ago about #610
and its test on PRR from 12/5/44 through 1/3/45.  At
that time, available test report data and internal PRR
correspondence states (several times) that 610 was
fully roller bearing equipped (journals and rods). 
Two photos were attached to one memo, but they have
not been found.  This observation indicates that it
may have been rebuilt just prior to Dec 1944, and
matches the description- before the end of WW II. 
However, it conflicts with the Jan 1945 start date for
rebuilding.  It looks like N&W "snuck 610 in early." 
Can anyone confirm this?  PRR admits to average speeds
of 94 mph for 45 miles and "reported" speeds over 100
mph.  Could those oversized rods and friction bearings
survive that kind of loading and rotational speed?   

Dave Stephenson

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