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Actually, rail oilers are very common, and are still in use today.  There is one about a mile west of my house to lubricate a very curved section of the Bristol line.  (And I think it isn't working, because the cars squeal terribly lately!)  Point being, these are used to lubricate the flanges on the car wheels which lubricate the inside of the rail head to prevent friction on the inside of the rail surface in curves.  If you hear a loud squeal, then you are wearing out rails and wheels.  Its not done so much to keep them quiet, but to make the rail last longer.
Hope this helps,
Ben Blevins

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As I was perusing my recently purchased copy of the NWHS "N&W Signal
Diagrams" book I found something I had never seen or even been aware of. 
It is found on pages 59 and following in the a fore mentioned book. It
is a "rail oiler". Can any one on the list fill me in on why they were
used and where. It's obvious that it was to put oil on the railhead. 
I've always thought that oil and rails don't mix and make for a very
slippery time. 

Thanks ahead of time for any and all info.

Dave Moorehead
Milford, OH

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