Lambert's Point Turntable Detail Drawings Found.

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Sun Aug 8 13:59:23 EDT 2004

A couple of years ago I started the project of making a 1/8 the scale 
model of the L.P.TT.  When I asked Jim Gillum, he said there was nothing 
he knew of in the Archives on the turntable.  I recently asked on this 
forum for help and searched the Internet.

Until recently, I had the impression that like its loco's the N&W also 
made its own turntables - I was wrong.  A friend of mine lent me his 
copy of "Santa Fe Locomotive Facilities" Volume One by Russel Crump.  
After looking at all those TT drawings in the book, I came to the 
conclusion I was mistaken about who built most turntables.  It was 
American Bridge Co. that sold and built several standard models used by 
most RR's.

I then went back to Crump's Santa Fe web site  
( ) which I had 
ignored,  and looked at his sets of TT drawings.  After emailing Crump, 
I purchased Item # 162 for $43.00 with S&H.   These are 19 beautiful 
American Bridge Co. drawings for the Albuquerque, N.M. 100 foot TT built 
in 1913 for the Santa Fe.

These drawings are a "Treasure Trove" of information and appear to be 
identical to the N&W's Lambert's Point TT.   The other drawing sets he 
has on his site may match other N&W turntables.

I would like to thank Al Burckard for his attempt to get into Lambert's 
Point and measure the still existent TT for me.

Ron Peisker

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