[N&W] Re: Thermic Syphons on VGN?

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Tue May 18 22:45:25 EDT 2004

Neither H. Reid in "The Virginian Railway" nor Eric Hrsimaki in "Lima, the
history" mention thermic syphons on the VGN 2-8-4s or 2-6-6-6s, probably the
only engines eligible.

However, in Huddleston/Staufer/Shuster's "C&O Power" there is a photo of a
C&O H8 under construction which shows the firebox with three thermic

You're still left with a guess; but probably, since the VGN 2-6-6-6s were
such close duplicates it's probably safe to say that they had them too.  The
2-8-4s?  Who knows?

How about it, Marty?  Have you got the diagrams, etc. that solve the

[David Stephenson writes:]

The AG's had 600 square feet (SF) of firebox heating surface plus 162 SF
syphon (s) for a total of 762 SF of direct heating surface.

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