[N&W] 611 derailment

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Wed May 12 23:03:46 EDT 2004

This is a few of the questions I have concerning the 611 wreck at
Cedar,WV on January 23, 1956(which to my knowledge, was her only wreck).

1.Did any Cedar residents help with the rescue effort?
2. How did the N&W find out that the wreck had happened?
3.Could the dispatcher in Bluefield tell (by way of the train board)
that the wreck had happened?
4.What caused the 611 to derail her trailing truck in Roanoke? (Harry
Bundy is the one who told me about this incident)
5.Why did the 611 look so pale in the wreck photos? Was she covered with
If you like to know the other questions, just email me and I'll tell you
the rest.
Lois J. Ponton
ljpli at hotmail.com

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