2. RE: N&W coke and other wagons interchanged to and from DT&I at Ironton vs Waverly ? (NW Modeling List)

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Ben, this isn’t an answer to your question. But I’m curious where this photo was taken. Jackson?

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio

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True, but we know other fairly small wagons were used to carry coke , ie H34s even into the 1970s, so my question is which other N&W hoppers were exchanged onto the DT&I also.  

[I have tried to attach a picture- unsure this list supports attachments.]


Ben Scanlon
London, England

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<Here is a DT&I Puller crew with DT&I GP-7 951 delivering coke to the Delray Connecting on Zug Island in River Rouge, MI July 14, 1972. C. H. Geletzke, Jr..jpg>
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