Rail Road Progress (RRP) H-10 hopper kit

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Sat Jan 13 01:50:11 EST 2024

 Hullo and thank you for allowing me to join the list.  
I was wondering if anyone had pictures of the Rail Road Progress (RRP) kit of the H10 hopper? Either built up or as pieces of a kit. 
It is  to give me ideas as I model in TT scale and would like to make a couple. My modelling interest is the 1970s and figure I would probably need a few in that time frame.
More generally I am interest in methods and techniques of scratchbuilding wagons that don't require a huge amount of equipment. Or 3-D prints where they could be up or downscaled to TT. 
Although TT is a limiting choice in some ways (only RTR loco is an SW switcher) I have things like SD45 etches that could be turned into either SD45 or SD35. Love SD35s in particular.  And there are a few other things that can be done. 
Ben ScanlonLondon, England
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