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I’ll second that recommendation to see what ScaleTrains does. They make excellent models.

Phil Miller


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I only have a Broadway Limited J and it is pretty good.  You might wait and see what Scaletrains does to the old MTH model as they say it 

will be re-released this year with the car set.

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I can’t speak to the model of the J with DCC, but I have their newer 2-8-0 and a couple 4-6-2’s from just about five years ago and they “aren’t your father’s Oldsmobile” to quote the old advertisement. The newer ones with DCC/sound seem very good. I had one of the old Bachmann J611 models, which left a lot to be desired before it quit. The newer Bachmann engines (both HO and N-scale) seem considerably better than the last generation of models we knew in the 1980s. I also have their Amtrak ALC-42 diesel model (HO). I think they’re going to give Athearn and others a run for their money if they keep this trend. 

Phil Miller


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I would like to hear from those of you who have experience with the current generation of Bachmann J locos with DCC, for example PN 53202.  I had one of their Js from about 20 years ago and it left a lot to be desired in many areas.  Are the latest gen units good runners?  How is their slow speed performance?  Does the included DCC decoder support most of the latest DCC functions?  How good of a value do you think these are?


Jim Cochran

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