Commuter Cars used with 611 this Fall

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The bi-level coaches were built by Pullman-Standard for Chicago and North Western (CNW) in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Some later went to Amtrak, while some went to Chicago’s Metra commuter line.

Some later went to the Virginia Rail Express, before going to steam-excursion service this year with 611. 


Walthers did these in HO-scale in the past. Walthers HO scale bi level commuter cars | ( <>  

Kato did these in N-scale in the past. HO Bi-Level Passenger Cars ( <> 

If you get some, you could repaint and decal them to closely match those used in the recent excursions.


Phil Miller


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To accommodate the swarms of fans who wanted to ride behind the 611, three smooth side commuter cars were given splendid VMT paint jobs. If someone was to model these in HO or N scale, what car model should they start with? 


Jeff Cornelius 

Modeling N&W

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