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Thank you for allowing us to remotely meet you and share your layout. 
You have done a spectacular job. I really appreciate the beautiful, 
open-scenery spaces you designed between towns. And the night scenes are 
incredible. Makes me want to come re-create some of Link's night shots 
in Luray and Waynesboro in HO.

Just a small detail I noticed: Is there a story behind the crossing 
watchman's tower in Luray being located on the station side of the 
street when the prototype was located on the opposite side of the 
street? Not a criticism, just curious.

Regards,  John Garner, Newport VA

I was contacted by a YouTuber (AlPuglieseTrains) before a recent open
house; he asked if he could video my layout and post to his channel, to
which I agreed.  Parts One and Two are from the open house.

He returned about a week later and we did a walking tour of the layout,
which is Part 3; if interested, I would suggest you view this video 
Please note that in the video I misidentified the town of Stanley as
Stonewall. After all these years you would think I'd know my own 

Part One -

Part Two -

Part Three -


Jim Brewer

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