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I will second the chisel Josh recommended, while I have not used that on it has been highly recommended by other HO scale modelers.

I use one from Hasegawa:
Hasegawa Modeling Chisel 3mm Wide Single-edged Flat (Tt9) Hasegawa

I have used this chisel to remove ribs on HO cars as well as other items such as cast on ladders and rungs.  They make a round one I have used on cars ends to remove cast on stuff as well.  I t fits good into a HO boxcar end,  couldn’t find it right away though.

> On Sep 13, 2023, at 02:30, NW Modeling List <nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org> wrote:
> This is aimed at Jim Nichols and anyone else with experience in removing molded in features from plastic rolling stock.  I am considering attempting to remove a raised rivet strip (3 wide) from the sides of a passenger car.  Jim, I know you have addressed this type of operation previously and if my recollections are correct, perhaps suggested a chisel type blade such as the xacto 17 or 18 for this type work.  My fears are leaving deep gouges in the sides which I would of course, like to be completely smooth when all is said and done.  This would be on an O gauge car, so there is a good mm of material that would need to be removed.  Should I approach the job as taking it down in small layers until I reach the level of the sides or start in at the base (side level) and try to stay aligned as I work in from both sides.
> All thoughts and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
> Jim Cochran
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James Wall
Rural Hall, NC

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