Ed King Book, Thirteen Scoops Around the Box Update 08-06-2023

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Sun Aug 6 10:14:26 EDT 2023


I know this is long overdue, but I have been working hard to get the layout on this book finished. Many thanks to those who have pre-ordered the new Ed King book.

I’m pleased to say the book layout is completed and will go to the printer in a week. Then it might be in hand to ship by the end of September, perhaps sooner.

This book has been a bit of a struggle to lay out; I’ve gone to great lengths to select images appropriate to the text and fit into the flow. 

There are 225 images in the book, 208 pages, and will feature color covers. I think it is an excellent read; I’ve read it multiple times as I’ve done the layout. To give Ed credit, he did not write the captions for the photos; those are all mine, and if there are mistakes, don’t blame Ed for that.

This book is something above and beyond; while it is a fictional account of one man’s career with N&W beginning in 1903 and ending in May 1950, it rings remarkably authentic and historic. While a few details might not be exactly right for the dates, it is a remarkable read.

The book will go to print; for those who have yet to order, you have until midnight next Sunday, August 13th, to get your order in at the pre-publication price, as it will go up. Since it was first announced, paper and printing costs have risen approximately 15 percent.

So, get your order in; I believe you will happily add this volume to your N&W library.


Ken Miller

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