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Larry and Greg,

According to *Norfolk and Western: First Generation Diesels,* by Bob
Bowers, the first four RS-3 locomotives delivered in 1955 were numbered 96
(9/55), 97 (9/55), 98 (9/55) and 99 (10/55).

The second set of four RS-3's were delivered in 2/56 and numbered 92, 93,
94 and 95.

All eight of these locomotives were numbered in the 300 series in March
1956, per a caption in Jim Nichols *N&W in Color* from Morning Sun.

You are correct that the locomotives would have been painted N&W Black with
dulux gold stenciling for the road name and unit number.  There was no
herald, or monogram, on these units when delivered.

I do not have any photos of these units as delivered; a quick search of the
NWHS archives did not reveal any either.

If you do modify the Bowser units, please consider documenting with photos
what you do and submit an article the Arrow.

Jim Brewer

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> Hi Larry,
> Are you planning to backdate the new Bowser model? I’m on the same
> journey. I’m traveling and plan to do a deep dive w photos and the model
> when I get back next weekend.
> I do know our lives would be a lot easier if we had Shellscale early
> diesel decals (hint, hint)! Letter by letter decalling  is not my favorite
> thing.
> Greg Davis
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> > I am looking for information that pertaining to the original four RS3
> locomotives that the N&W reviewed in 1956.  These I believe were numbered
> 93, 94, 95 & 96. What was the paint scheme, all black with bronze gold
> lettering and numbers without the script N&W logos?  When I look a photos I
> see that there were grab irons on the long and short car bodies, with one
> that wraps around the side.  I have also found that the market lights
> appeared to resemble the circular ball type similar to what would be found
> on the boiler front of steam locomotives. I a looking for any help
> confirming what would apply to the original four RS3 locomotives. Thank you
> for your time and help.
> > Larry Brown
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