S-2 sleepers by Walthers

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Most Walthers HO scale passenger cars come fully decorated, but with
no car number or car name, and a decal sheet is included for modelers
to apply their own car name/number as appropriate. It is not a letter
or number jumble, so the names of the three N&W County cars will be
included, each being a single decal. 
I'm not familiar with the Arrow upgrades mentioned earlier, but the
Walthers Proto series cars are some of the best HO passenger cars
you'll ever see, and they are far superior to the Rivarossi/AHM cars.
That said, everyone has their own definition of good enough.
These cars are being released as part of Walthers' next passenger
train, the PRR General, so advanced reservation is more accurate than
backorder. Walthers has not been doing a lot of extra passenger cars
lately, so while I know a wait and see what it looks like mindset
makes sense, especially with the paint color, there is a strong chance
that if you don't reserve one, you may have trouble finding them. I
fully expect Walthers to sell out almost immediately, so you will have
to track them down through a dealer who ordered cars for stock and not
just customer reservations.
Walthers has only done a couple of N&W cars, so it is hard to guess
what color they will use. I believe they did use different shades of
tuscan for the N&W BEk baggage cars as opposed to the PRR B60b, so the
N&W 10/6 may be a different color than the PRR. Comparing pictures,
the N&W car looks more brown than the MTH Arrow cars, but also appears
to be a different shade than the PRR car. Of course all of this is
preproduction and probably digitally edited, so you can't trust the
colors pictured. 
Marty Flick

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 At this point the link responded with a "backorder " which is like a
tentative reservation if there are enough of them. I have several of
the 20th century Rivarossi/Bachmann cars which needs some upgrades,
which I have yet to do. But I do have the issues of the Arrow with the
information. How much better than a Rivarossi 10-6 with an AHM
interior and the Arrow upgrades will the Walthers car be? I only need
one for the Shenandoah Valley 1/2 New York Train... 

 Jeff Cornelius 
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