S-2 sleepers by Walthers

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The description says no skits but it looks more like abbreviated skirts, which is correct.

The description also says "correct trucks".  The photo has incorrect trucks, but the first run did have the correct trucks.

Then there's the paint...  This looks like Pennsy paint. As delivered they weren't exactly the same color as other N&W red cars either.

The model itself it excellent in fidelity and detail.  Only the tiniest of details that no one else would notice.


Rick C Stone

NWHS #0001

Buchanan County

At this point the link responded with a "backorder " which is like a tentative reservation if there are enough of them. I have several of the 20th century Rivarossi/Bachmann cars which needs some upgrades,  which I have yet to do. But I do have the issues of the Arrow with the information. How much better than a Rivarossi 10-6 with an AHM interior and the Arrow upgrades will the Walthers car be? I only need one for the Shenandoah Valley 1/2 New York Train... Jeff Cornelius  Sent from the all new AOL app for Android
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