S-2 sleepers by Walthers

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Here are the links to that car from the Walther’s site:

Walthers - 85' Pullman-Standard 10-6 Sleeper, Plan 4140 - No Skirts - Norfolk  <https://www.walthers.com/85-pullman-standard-10-6-sleeper-plan-4140-standard-norfolk-western> & Western Standard w/Decals - 920-15302
Walthers - 85' Pullman-Standard 10-6 Sleeper, Plan 4140 - LED Lighting, No Skirts - Norfolk  <https://www.walthers.com/85-pullman-standard-10-6-sleeper-plan-4140-lighted-norfolk-western> & Western w/Decals - 920-16302


Phil Miller


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I just got word thru the PRRT&HS that Walthers announced the 4140 sleepers again in HO. These are the S-2 cars they did several years ago but didn't letter them as N&W. They were Pennsy and RF&P (maybe L&N too) paint schemes.


Anyone on the modeling committee know what is going on? Will the do them for us this time?


10 Roomette 6 Double Bedroom Rapids Series Plan 4140 PS106 in December. >From the Keystone Modeler4 but the photo showing the N&W car didn't copy.


Roger Huber

Deer Creek Locomotive Works

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