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Jim Brewer posted the update that follows a few hours ago. 

Apparently Google has made some change in their g-mail settings, so we received an inordinate number of bounces, and Roger Link figured out that it was from all the g-mail subscribers to our list, so he made an adjustment in our list management controls, so you may well be seeing the word “Junk” or some other language in the message subject. We don’t know if the fix will get this properly delivered or not.

So, since a bunch of you did not see the message as originally posted we are resending it as follows:

Thanks to all who have pre-ordered the book.  Ken Miller advised an additional 8 copies were sold in February.  As per my previous commitment to donate $10.00 to NWHS for each pre-order sale, I am sending my check today for $80.00.

Ken also advises that we are about 40 books short of our goal for pre-orders.nother 40 pre-orders gets this project ramped up, and NWHS gets my $400.00 contribution.

We are almost there.  So, please, get those pre-orders in and push this project toward the finish line!

https://www.nwhs.org/commissary/books-nwhs.html <https://www.nwhs.org/commissary/books-nwhs.html>

Thanks to all.

Jim Brewer
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