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Wed Feb 23 18:55:16 EST 2022

Railroad history generally, the Norfolk & Western Historical Society, and
the Virginian Enthusiast community have suffered a major loss.

We got word today that Harold Davenport passed away on January 21st.  We
have no further details yet, but those of us who knew Harold know that he
had battled cancer for several years.

Harold was a former Director, and an active and loyal Society member.  He
was very involved at conventions, especially with seminars and as the
Contest Guy.  The extent of his knowledge and his willingness to share that
knowledge were simply amazing.  He was a fine gentleman, and a pleasure to
be around.  We will miss him a lot.

He was especially helpful on Virginian equipment, prototype and modeling.
He was memorable for his participation in both the Modeling
Committee--which he chaired for years--and with the Virginian Interest

Hopefully some of the folks who knew him longer and better than I did will
post additional information and memories.

Frank Bongiovanni
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