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 "Bachmann J shells with IHC Mountain works" - Jeff, you are a man after my own heart! Enjoyed your update and look forward to the pictures.
Jim Nichols
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 Since the Free-Mo list is comatose I'm sharing this update I posted there. I'm still working at it, folks!
Things were massively delayed when we relocated from Louisiana to Texas. The new house, once we found it, didn't have the big bonus room with two adjacent storage room we'd had.When the modules came out of the storage unit into the new portable building, which needed to be wired to the house electrical supply, and the rough urethane insulation covered with painted paneling,and the garage full of train stuff moved in, and all the fixing up of an older house, and the module next to the Stuarts Draft station and mill split in two to fit the shorter wall it was on now,and two Christmases in the middle of a pandemic, things are moving slowly forward. The wonderful friends who did the wiring and helped us on paneling came back and painted a Blue Ridge backdrop on the wall, and I converted bed side rails to benchwork for a hidden staging track, and built an interim staging yard with EZ track, and distilled designs for two cities down to corner modules, which will happen eventually. That required postponing modular work.I've made two trips back to Virginia to take more pictures of the place as it is now, to include taking pictures of the two-story section supervisor house after I explained to the current owner theback story of why I wanted pictures of his house and the pile of ballast in his yard where the track once ended.I have uncompleted projects to convert some Bachmann J shells into Ks with IHC Mountain works, and a very nice Athearn redbird 521 to pull trains in the meantime.Lots of modeling going in several directions at once. Once I get track down and some structures in place there will be pictures.
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