NWHS 2022 Convention. Third time wasn't the charm after all.

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Mon Jan 10 14:01:41 EST 2022

For multiple reasons we have made the sad and difficult decision to cancel
the NWHS convention again.  We had quite a bit of hope that in June 2022 we
would finally be able to have the convention that we had planned and worked
on for June 2020 and June 2021.  Given the Omicron surge in the Covid
virus, the percentage of the populace in the country generally and in Ohio
specifically that has declined getting the vaccines, and the
unpredictability of a lot of factors that affect the practicality, and the
fun quotient, of the convention, we felt that we couldn’t go forward.  The
timing of this decision was related to many factors, including the
potential of financial penalties for further delay in cancellation.

We  sincerely regret the factors that made this decision necessary.  We are
hopeful for conventions and minicons, in person and virtual, in the future,
but can’t make reasonable predictions at this time.

Respectfully and regretfully

Frank Bongiovanni
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