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Thu Jan 6 19:20:55 EST 2022

Happy New Year to all.  You will remember that in late November I offered
to contribute $10.00 for each pre-sale of Ed King's new book, *Memoirs of
an Appalachian Railroad Man, *up to 100 sales.

Since then through the end of December,  Ken Miller reports we have sold 18
copies of this book.  I have kept up my end by sending checks at the end of
November and December.

It would be great if work on this book could begin now! The holidays are
behind us; COVID is keeping many of us at home rather than out socially to
lunch, dinner, a movie, sporting event, train show or whatever your
interests may be.

So please, take a moment, perhaps this weekend, to order Ed's wonderful new


Thanks for your time and interest in getting this project going and done!

Jim Brewer
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