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I’d be interested in seeing the results of your bashing effort, Marty. Maybe at a future convention or (given that I think we live in the same area) somewhere local. 

The streamlined K2s post-date my period of interest, but it’s an interesting project either way. 

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio

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I'm also working on making an HO scale streamlined K2 by modifying a Bachmann J shell to fit a Bachmann 4-8-2 chassis.  The aforementioned J-Juniors article is the best single resource I've found, though it is all prototype information.  Kurt Kramke had an article in the 20-1, Jan/Feb 2004, Arrow, on converting a Bachmann Spectrum USRA 4-8-2 into a K2/K2a prior to their streamlining, and Jim Nichols includes some notes on modeling the streamlined Ks in his Tennessean column from the same issue.  I am not aware of any other article detailing the modeling process for making a streamlined K2/K2a.  I do recall reading some discusion of this project years ago either on this list or an online forum.

Marty Flick


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As I mentioned on the Zoom convention, I'm working on kitbashing a streamlined K from a Bachmann J. I found the April-May-June 2007 issue of The Arrow with narrative and photos about "Baby Js" but no luck yet finding the modeling article by Jim Gillum. 
Can someone with better index files than me, or a copy, point me to that article? Thanks!

Jeff Cornelius
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