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Not too long ago, November 21 in fact, I made a plea for you to pre-order
and purchase the latest book effort of Ed King, *Memoirs of an
Appalachian Railroad Man,* https://www.nwhs.org/commissary/books-nwhs.html

For each book purchased I committed to donating $10.00 to NWHS.

Ken Miller advises that from November 21 through the end of the month,
twelve (12) pre-orders for the book have been received.  I will be sending
a check for $120.00 to NWHS, as promised.

That still leaves us about 82 books shy of what needs to be pre-ordered and
paid for.  So please, treat yourself to a holiday present and order this
fine book.

We need to get this done, and the sooner the better.  As Ken has previously
mentioned, the costs of printing paper continues to escalate, which may
result in a higher retail price post publication.

Lock in your price now and order Ed's book, please!

Jim Brewer
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