Fw: Gaithersburg, Md. Show this weekend November 5, 6, & 7, 2021

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Sat Nov 6 21:03:09 EDT 2021

N&WHS will indeed be there on Sunday with two tables of assorted things, 
including the new 611 book.

Show hours on Sunday are 9-4.

Come see us!
Ken Miller

On 2021-11-05 12:50 pm, NW Modeling List wrote:
> The Gaithersburg Railroadiana Meet used to be the place in the
> Washington, DC area to buy almost anything railroad artifact related.
> If I attended any railroadiana show this was going to be the one. I
> have purchased some very nice pieces of railroadiana over the years.
> Let me say that due to the pandemic that I have heard that the total
> amount of vendors has gone down. Of course, with that happening the
> quantity of artifacts has also gone down. Rest assured that even with
> a reduction in artifacts that there will still be more items there
> than you have ever seen in one location! Let me also warn those of you
> that might be new to the railroadiana collecting hobby. Quite a few of
> long-time collectors have recently passed away. Railroad artifacts
> that have been stored away for decades are coming to the market. Some
> sellers may or may not know if everything that they are offering for
> sale are genuine or fakes. Items that are easy to fake are etched
> glass kerosene lantern globes with railroad names, lanterns, railroad
> china, locks keys. Whether you are new to the hobby or a seasoned
> collector don't hesitate to ask folks at the show for help in
> determining if an item is real or a reproduction. Google
> http://www.railroadiana.org to get the information that you need to
> make a wise buying decision. Collectiing is a separate part of
> preserving railroad history. It is very rewarding and a fun hobby to
> share with other collectors! Feel free to email me any photos of the
> show or photos of upcoming train show fliers both for real and model
> trains. I have read that members of the N&WHS may be set up selling
> items there. Make sure to pay them a visit. Scroll to the bottom of
> this email to get the details about the Gaithersburg Railroadiana
> Show.
>  [1]
>  Railroadiana Online Website [1]
>  A non-commercial website devoted to information about collectible
> railroadiana including lanterns, lamps, china, keys, locks and paper.
>  www.railroadiana.org
>  Stay safe and well.
>  All Aboard!
>  Norris
> Norris Deyerle
> Blue Ridge Chapter, National Railway Historical Society Chairman of
> Virginia's Rail Heritage Region Partners
> Info: www.blueridgenrhs.org [2]
> Home Address:
> 744 Chinook Place
> Lynchburg, Virginia 24502-4908
> Cell: 434-851-0151
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> I have been doing the Gaithersburg show since the 1970’s and it has
> always featured all railroadiana except there has been a small amount
> of model trains in the past few years.  If you are only looking for
> model trains,  it really is not worth the drive with the cost of gas
> these days.  I will have a lot of builder’s and number plates
> available, a couple of N&W & VGN diesel plates, but no N&W steam
> plates.
> Ron Muldowney
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>  Understand this show is great for various Railroadannia — RR
> memorabillia.  But what about model RR stuff.  Does anyone know how
> much model train stuff is at this show as compared to specialty model
> RR shows, _e.g._, Greenberg’s Train & Toy Show (Dulles Expo Center
> in December), that emphasize model railroading.
> Bill D
> N&W Steam Only
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>> On Nov 2, 2021, at 3:55 PM, NW Modeling List
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>> It's THIS week and this coming Weekend! It's almost here.
>> Back again after a one-year absence .................
>> For the first time in TWO years, the Gaithersburg Railroadianna show
>> will be held at the Montgomery County, Maryland fairgrounds on
>> November 5-6-7; Friday-Saturday-Sunday. Yes, it will cost you more
>> to get in Friday and Saturday if you want to "cherry-pick" the
>> goodies FIRST, but if you are an advanced collector or interested
>> individual, it can easily be worth it with one big yummy deal.
>> I suppose most of the usual suspects will be in attendance including
>> several railroad historical societies. In the recent past years, the
>> B&O, C&O, Southern, SAL/ACL, NRHS, R&LHS and a few other railroad
>> historical societies have been there with their goodies.
>> The N&WHS will be there and have the newly revised 6-1-1 book
>> available for sale and perhaps some other treasures just in time for
>> the holiday season.
>> Railroad China is also there and if the RR made it or issued it,
>> it’s likely to be there in one form or era or another.
>> Books, magazines, videos, builder's plates, timetables, annual
>> reports, photographs of all sorts, what have you and the list goes
>> on and on. There is also usually other transportation material from
>> steamships and aircraft as well. Videos and other goodies should
>> also be there too.
>> If you only want to attend Sunday, which is the general public day,
>> the admission cost is about $10 and those hours are 9-4.
>> No football sports should be conflicting as the Washington Football
>> team has their bye week then and Baltimore plays a night game.
>> So guys, this is your final reminder
>> Hope to see you there.
>> Bob Cohen
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