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Attention 2-Rail O Scale Model Train Collectors,
For years this train meet has been an annual get together for 2-Rail O Scale model train collectors. It's one of the few 2-Rail O Scale meets anywhere! Most O Gauge model trains are built by either Lionel or MTH. Most of them are not as accurate detail wise and size as a true 2-Rail O Scale train is. Sorry for the late notice. I just got this announcement from Brad Dobyns. Just to add my 2 cents worth. When I used to attend model train meets I found some of my best model trains of other than O Scale at O Scale meets. I also found nice pieces of railroadiana. Why you ask? Seems that model train collectors and especially dealers will buy collections that have odd ball items in the lot. They keep what they want for their collections and generally offer very fair prices on the pieces that don't interest them. Make sense?  Happy hunting,

Norris Deyerle

Blue Ridge Chapter, National Railway Historical Society Chairman of Virginia's Rail Heritage Region Partners

Info: www.blueridgenrhs.org<http://www.blueridgenrhs.org>

744 Chinook Place

Lynchburg, Virginia 24502-4908

Cell: 434-851-0151

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Hello Norris,

Been trying to send this to you but it would not work on my cell phone.  I hope this comes through.

About the O Scale, two-rail meet at Strasburg, PA this Saturday.  (Oct. 16th).  This meet is run several times a year and is a great place to meet others interested in 2-rail O scale.  A friend and I are planning on attending.  Meet basically runs about a half-day.  It is the closest meeting I know for those in 2-rail O in this general area.



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Dear Fellow O Scale Modelers, Our next show is just 11 days away.
For the past 12 years, John Dunn and I have been the promotors for the Strasburg O Scale 2-Rail model train show. Our show has provided a wonderful opportunity to come together, meet fellow modelers, exchange thoughts and ideas, tell stories, share techniques on painting, weathering, soldiering, machining, decaling and detailing, all in quarter inch scale. Bartering trading and selling off the old things that have sat on a shelf for years, and suddenly they find a new home literally on another train layout!
The heart of a train layout we’d like to think is a train. But is it? Some think it’s a scene or a building, a re-created “something.” The Heart of a community is different for most towns. Some think of the Tavern, the pub, or the friendly family restaurant as the perfect place to visit and enjoy the camaraderie of others. We have made that gathering place for “O” Scale modelers here in the East: The Strasburg PA Fire Company. This has been the place that opened their doors wide and provided a clean modern up to date venue for us to do our thing and enjoy.
Our Hosts have proudly been there for us these years. You, our guests have enjoyed this facility for the past 12 years, but with one minor deviation: The Covid pandemic months.
The year of 2020 was a hard year for many. The Fire Company was no exception, and it was especially tough for them. They went without government assistance and scraped along with little. Now is the time to give back. As you attend this coming show on October 16th, we’re going to auction off an item with the proceeds going to the Fire Company who has been here for us all these years. Now it’s time to give back.
We’re going to Auction off a model. It’s not a train! It was insprired by a painting created by the Chicago Artist Edward Hopper back in 1942. It captured the attention of another famous modeler and artist we all know and remember: John Armstrong. John took what was on Canvas and re-created that timeless scene in 3D.
David Vaughn, another master modeler in “O,” captured and shared the work of John Armstrong for all to enjoy with the introduction of this fine kit offered for sale by Wit and Wisdom Models (https://wit-and-wisdom-models.com/).
On October 16th, an auction at the Strasburg O Scale 2-Rail Train Show will be held. This fine model, built and donated by Martin Brechbiel, will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to the Fire Company. The auction will be held at 12:00 noon. You must be present to bid or have someone present to bid for you. Starting bid is $250.00.

Thank you to everyone who has attended the show over the years. O Scale really is about the community that surrounds the trains, and John and I couldn’t be prouder of the group this show has attracted over the years. None of this could have been possible without the Strasburg Fire Company. Let’s give back to the people and place that have given us so much. Please consider donating to them at the show.
[A model of a houseDescription automatically generated with medium confidence]
Make Checks payable to Strasburg Fire Company. You can ask for a receipt.

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