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This is great stuff,

I see photos of the old train order signals, eg on blue ridge in the late
50's? (I could easily be wrong.) Were those fixed to down-clear, or was
that not traffic control territory?  I also see some where the mast is
there, but the blades are gone.

Were the wood mast pained white?

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> David Baker asked: "How tall are the 2 arm train Order and manual block
> signals on it n&w? I found drawings in the archive, but no dimensions?
> HS-D10636."
> Ken Miller answered: " That drawing is based on the Union Switch and
> Signal drawing, with, indeed, no dimensions. But it is also a very old
> drawing dated 1890. It is also marked with 'Void' meaning it was replaced
> at some point. The train order signals I am familiar with in the more
> recent era are different.
> That is for a two
> head version, but does offer dimensions and a scaled drawing. It would be
> simple to eliminate the lower head as it likely will be the same height for
> consistency."
> Adding to this thread: the train order signal masts varied in height but
> from photographs they appear to be able the same height as the peak of the
> station building roof. Also, the upper signal in the drawing Ken referenced
> was the block signal with a flat-end blade. The lower one was the train
> order signal, evidenced by the inward-curved blade tip. When automatic
> block signaling was introduced, the top signal was converted to use as a
> train order signal and the lower position eliminated. The main
> modifications were changing the blades and reconnecting the rods to the
> upper signal so that the lever inside the operator's bay had two positions
> for "orders" and "no orders."
> Some stations had a conversion to color light signals, eliminating the
> blades, spectacles, rods and levers. When Traffic Control was introduced,
> nearly all stations had train order signals removed.
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