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The extra copies showed up at the Archives and hopefully the mailing is winging its way to members as we speak.
Please, do not post here announcing its arrival at your place!
But this also brought to mind that if you have moved, please send your new address to: membership <at> unfortunately, we are not mind readers. Our mailing house reported about 8 change of address to us, and one with an undeliverable address, which was a moved, left no forwarding address.
Even if I do say so myself, I think it is an excellent issue, with lots of editor’s mail, a great in-depth piece from Alex Schust on Farm, W.Va. and another of Glenn Fishers parts on “High Noon on the Norfolk and Western.” This time is part two of the Norfolk Division portion, from Crewe, Va eastward to Lamberts Point. It features maps, and many photos most not previously published. This leaves the Shenandoah Division as remaining for the “High Noon” series, which is planned for the next issue.
There is also a feature from Samuel Phillips on what may be the last train moving on the former Virginian between Princeton and Elmore in April, which, of course features Sam’s great photo work.
This issue as originally laid out was going to be massive as a 64-page issue, but economics dictated the cut back to 48 pages which is more our standard. Not to worry, those 16 pages will appear in the very next issue.
For members only, there MAY be some additional downloadable content to go with this issue, but it is not ready yet. Your editor has been hard a work on another project which you will hear about very soon.
Not a member? You don’t know what you are missing! You should join as soon as possible. On joining, you will get a welcome package that includes some recent past issues and some other items.
ThanksKen Miller
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