Changing Kato Side frames

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Sun Jun 27 16:19:32 EDT 2021

So to finish out this mini clinic, we will add new truck wires, the Kato wheel guides/pick up and the guides going into the truck.

First we want to hardwire the pick up wires.  The standard on these is a slide on clip to the axle guide.  The wires need to be ahead of the truck bolster.
I recommend marking the wire attachment and soldering on new wires: <>

The holes in the back of the Atlas side frame need a slight enlargement to accept the Kato axle guide. <>

The next two pictures show the Kato truck with the brake shoes. Since the Atlas side frame has the triple clasp detail we will remove these. <> <>

Next we want to test fit everything and then CA the electrical pickup strip with our new wire and the guides removed from a set of Kato side frames.
We hope to end up with a new looking truck like this: <>


James Wall
Rural Hall, NC

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