Rapido Trains HO Scale H16-44 Update

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I hope it will come through. I'd pre-ordered a couple from the NWHS in hopes
of getting these. It'll be a disappointment if they cancel it. Hopefully
Rapido took those into account. Hopefully we can get more people to sign up
for them so they can make them.

Phil Miller


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I learned today that the planned sale of the H16-44 by Rapido Trains is in
jeopardy of not happening. The below announcement is posted on their
website. Rapido was planning to offer 4 versions of the Virginian and 4
versions of the N&W.  While I have a couple of VGN Bachmann H16-44s, I would
much  rather have a better model. I have preordered 4 VGN versions. If you
are contemplating buying one or more, now is the time to put in a preorder.
Thank, Bob Cook, Chesapeake, VA.


Slow Sales? How?

Normally on any new product launch, there is a lot of activity in the very
beginning and towards of the pre-order deadline. We thankfully had not
finished the tooling design for the H16-44 when we launched this model, and
those initial orders that we always get just didn't come in. So we postponed
the tooling just in case the orders picked up. They didn't.


We've decided to relaunch the model and add three NEW schemes: Canadian
Pacific (Action Red), CN (Noodle) and the New Haven one-of-a-kind Alpert
scheme. We're now adding a hard deadline to see if this project can go
ahead. That deadline is September 15th. If you have been on the fence about
ordering the H16-44, it's time to take the plunge! Please reserve your
H16-44 by September 15th to make sure we can make this model.


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