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Thanks Jim. Those thanks go to our other Ken, Ken Musante, who is also referred to as “K2” (since I was here first, I became “K1") who works very hard to get orders out in a very timely fashion.

Now, everyone knows we depend on the postal service, which in the last year had been pretty bad, but of late, it seems to be improving.

Ken Miller

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> Last week, I renewed my membership and bought an SD45, bag of coffee (for my wife; I don’t drink coffee) and a digital drawing.  The drawing arrived next day via zipped file and the other 2 items arrived on the 3rd day, including the day ordered, via Priority Mail.  Hats off to the volunteer(s) putting this order together and getting it out so fast.  Fortunately, USPS didn’t drop the ball … in general, their service has greatly improved compared to several months ago.
> The SD45 is an amazing model.  Get yours while you can and help support the Society.  ScaleTrains is sold out of all schemes and there’s been a “scalper” on ebay trying to sell a 1776 engine for nearly $400 once postage is factored in.  N&WHS’ membership price of $279.99 is very reasonable, IMO, for the sound-equipped version.
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