N&W 611 Date Change?

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First, the fuel used by the 611 today to produce steam is probably oil (for example, the UP Big Boy operates on fuel oil not coal).

Second, even if the 611 still burned coal, I understand it will not be moved under its own steam power; instead the reports are that it will be towed by NS diesel-electric locomotives that use, you guessed it, diesel fuel to power the electric motors.  The Colonial pipeline ships all forms of refined petroleum products,  not just gasoline, including diesel fuel used as fuel by modern diesel-electric locomotives.  So the Colonial pipeline disruption could indeed be a cause for delay as NS prioritizes scarce diesel fuel supplies for more profitable freight operations.  
Bill D

> On May 13, 2021, at 3:47 PM, NW Modeling List <nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org> wrote:
> ALERT!!!
> Today i have heard from different sources that the scheduled movement of the N&W 611 has been changed to Monday May, 17, 2021. Note that the three movement dates have tentatively been changed. I would suggest that you monitor your social media sources and old-fashioned scanners to verify the movement. I have seen questions regarding if the 611 will stay at the Strasburg Railroad for good. My answer is no. 
> The Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke, Virginia owns the 611. I think that the VMT rents out the 611 to raise money for it’s upkeep. I believe both the NCTM’s Spencer Shops and the Strasburg railroad have the ability to perform maintenance on the 611. With so many of the NS shops closing in Roanoke, I really don’t know what services can be performed in Roanoke any longer. Please understand that in no way am I an expert on the 611 and its future trips, etc. I have read that it will be returned sometime in October 2021 to it’s home in the VMT. 
> These are uncertain times to say the least. The reason that I heard that the 611 movement was changed is due to the current gasoline shortage. I just saw on the news today that North Carolina is one of the states most effected by the current gasoline shortage. 
> So let me say before someone lets me know that the 611 is steam powered and doesn’t run on gas that I know that. LOL! The gas shortage may have affected the ability of the NS crews to get to their destinations. I really don’t know. I hope this information helps you. Again, this updated information came through the grapevine. Please be safe! Do not trespass on railroad property. It could cost you or your friend’s life! 
> Safety first! 
> Norris     
> Norris Deyerle
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