E-2a repowering suggestions needed

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For sound:. The tcs high bass is amazing. If you want to do tender/smoke
box, a scale sound boiler barker and tender speaker are also amazing.  The
boiler barker helps high frequency sound come from the stack (bell,
whistle) which is more real than from the tender.  If your ears are good,
that hardware can actually make a model sound even a little real..... Which
is really hard for steam.


He is a professional audio engineer who also does trains, and his stuff is

For decoder: there are three good ones: TCS, Soundtraxx, and ESU. They all
have pros and cons.  I think TCS sounds best, but that comes down to what
you like.


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> I just purchased a NWSL E-2a that I plan to remotor, replace the gearbox
> and rubber sleeve, add lights, change some details to better quality, and
> install DCC and sound.  It will be detailed to match #578 in 1957, its last
> year of operation.  Looking for suggestions from anyone who’s done this.
>    1. What NWSL motor/gearbox/drive shaft numbers should I purchase?
>    1. A speaker will be installed as close to the stack as possible.
>    Suggestions for speaker source, etc?  Not sure I’d put a low bass speaker
>    in the tender but if y’all suggest such, I’ll consider it.
>    1. If there is room in the cab after remotoring, I’d like to install a
>    generic backhead sheet.  Anything come to mind?
>    1. I was debating installing a battery system using CVP’s throttle
>    since there’s plenty of room in the tender.  However, given that about half
>    of my fleet is diesel with cramped shell cavities, I’ll stick to
>    traditional DCC (NCE is what I have).  Which sound decoder is the best
>    match for the J-whistle used on #578?
> Jim King
> http://smokymountainmodelworks.com/
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