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PLEASE, do not go digital. I, and many others, don't like reading magazines in that format and enjoy a hands-on magazine.
Roger HuberDeer Creek Locomotive Works 

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 Hi Ken;
I realize that this must be asked frequently: what is the chance of having the Arrow delivered digitally (not paper) ?  I turned all of my professional magazines to digital only many years ago to reduce wasted paper and allow for me to find things much faster.
ThankyouNigel  Misso  0666
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The next issue of the Arrow is in the mail, but we all know what the postal service is doing with its handling of things these days. So there is absolutely no telling when it will get in your hands, sorry, wish I had a better idea, but it is not in our control.
I’m generally proud of each and every issue, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears go into the production of every one.
However, this issue, I’m particularly proud of, it is yet another anniversary issue, this time commemorating the end of Norfolk and Western Passenger Service with the advent of Amtrak on May 1, 1971, 50 years ago this coming Saturday. While the story is maybe not as detailed as most might want, it is my recollection as a 14, very soon to be 15 year old. It has great photos from Dorr Tucker and Jeff Sanders, and you will be seeing more from their work in the future. 
We also continue Glenn Fisher’s excellent series, High Noon, with the first part of the Norfolk Division. 
There is also a contemporary feature by Sam Phillips on operation on today’s Dry Fork Branch.
I hope you all have been enjoying the Arrow.
I want to call attention to several things here, first when your magazine comes, be sure to look at the mailing label, if your membership has expired or will expire with the next issue, there is a notice there. Please help us out by renewing early, so we don’t have to waste money sending reminders to you.
Second, please be sure that your mailing address is correct, if it is not, please send an email to: membership at with the corrected information. Please note, make sure you check your own address through the postal service website, as we have two addresses this time that were not verified by the postal service, and therefore, no magazine could be sent.
Each issue, we will put a membership reminder on the mailing sheet.
However, this time, there is another reason to look at your mailing sheet, it contains your membership number. Now, why is that important? Very simple, this issue also features something new, some bonus content for the Arrow. I just finished uploading it, and it is 22 pages of photos, stories, and related content. That means that this issue, already a 48 page one, is actually 70 pages!
Now how do I get this? This content is a bonus only available to paying members, not available to non-members. This is to bring you more for your membership dollar. In the magazine, you will find a web address to log-in with your member number, name and zip code, this will allow you to download the bonus content.
Now, will you see the bonus content in a later print Arrow, entirely possible!
Hope you all enjoy.
BestKen Miller________________________________________
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