Best sound decoder for N&W Class A

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Wed Mar 24 22:42:22 EDT 2021

Hey Jeff,
I have been pondering a similar purchase myself.  I run Loksound Selects in my PCM Y6’s.  I really like the sound fidelity, but I think I was even more impressed by their motor control.  I like the whistle but it’s more basic than the latest BLI quillable whistles.  

The new Loksound V5’s can be programmed with the Lokprogrammer to accept a custom whistle recorded from the sound of your choice on a wave file.  I have heard high praise for the TCS-WOW decoder, but I think their “hooter” sounds more like the older engines with lower boiler pressures rather than A’s or Y6’s. 

Train Service Depot is another option.  They specialize in the repair and upgrade of electronics on Broadway Limited engines.  They can upgrade your engine to the Paragon 3 sound system for under $200.  They’re online at trainservice  I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,
Chris Dalton
Bluefield, WV

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