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Fri Mar 12 13:59:43 EST 2021

With fingers crossed.  I confirmed with the Lodge this week that we are
still blocked in there for October 8-10.

Our usual carefully crafted agenda is that about half of us will arrive
Wednesday, October 7th.  Over chow we'll have an informal meet and greet,
and figure out where we're going Friday. Then seminars on into the night.
Seminars lately have been heavy on modeling, but not totally.  Friday we'll
go places.  Reminder; this is all POV so even if the majority of us go
someplace terribly exciting like Ury, people can go someplace else.

Friday evening we will have a brief business meeting, figure out Saturday,
and then seminars.

Saturday we go someplace else.  Saturday evening--yep, more seminars.
The seminars are usually Powerpoints, sometimes films, sometimes pure
pontifications, Q&A, Bull Sessions, and the like.  We try to minimize if
not avoid color discussions.

Sometimes there's a Crazy with tools and a test track and we test and tweak
model locomotives.

For the record: WV is still under a mask and Social Distancing order.
We're hoping this will change by October, but I promised we'd behave.
Since a lot of what we do is outdoors....If there's a change I'll let  you
know as soon as I know.

Because the WV Park Lodge often gets confused about our group, it's best to
call the Lodge directly for reservations: (304)294-4000.  Mention Virginian
Railway, Friends of the Virginian Railway, or The Virginian Group.  Let me
know off list if there are problems.

Frank Bongiovanni
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