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Question.  Other than the passenger "Red Birds" , were any of the 
freight GP-7/9's originally painted Black?  If so, when were they 
painted Blue?      Walter Davis, Youngsville, NC

On 1/21/2021 9:35 AM, NW Modeling List wrote:
> Good news from Walthers Proto.  They will be offering 4 different 
> numbers of of N&W freight GP9's in Pevler Blue.  766 and 767 will be 
> offered with Sound-DCC (ESU Loksound 5 Decoders) and 769 and 809 in DC 
> only, DCC ready. The picture with the passenger scheme frame stripe is 
> incorrect. I've verified with Walthers that the units will not have 
> the passenger scheme yellow stripe and will adhere to N&W's Pevler 
> Blue freight scheme.  The absolute prototype accuracy of the units is 
> still to be determined but they without doubt will be the best plastic 
> N&W freight GP9's offered to date.  You can see the various N&W 
> specific features they have incorporated on the models.  I recently 
> purchased an Erie Lackawanna GP7 from this same series of models and 
> found it to be very accurate prototypically and operationally 
> excellent too.Pre-orders must be submitted by 2/28/21 with delivery 
> scheduled for 6/21.  There are numerous credible and reliable dealers 
> you can pre-order these locomotives through.  I ordered all 4 and will 
> convert the DC-DCC ready models to sound with ESU Loksound 5 decoders.
> Ed Painter - Member #70, N&WHS Modeing Committee Chairman, from 
> Narrowes, VA living in Cohutta, GA
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Walter Davis
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