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The closest thing to an LC-1 set would be one of the European electric locos, if an O-scale model was made of the right prototype.  (I have seen HO models of the similar European locos, but just don't pay much attention to European or O-scale models.)  The Europeans did have electrics with the jackshafts between the driver axles on both ends of the loco.  I don't know how the axle spacings compare.  If they were produced on O-scale, you would have to fabricate a new body.  Not sure about the roof or pantographs.

I'm less sure about an LC-2 set.  Here again, the Europeans may have had locos with similar drive arrangements, but I can't recall seeing any.

What I'm sure of is that no O-scale N&W or VGN squareheads were produced, and there were no LC-2 sets done in HO scale either.

-Eric Bott

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Does anyone know if an LC-1 or LC-2 locomotive was ever produced in O Scale?

Are there variants that were produced for other railroads that could be used as a good starting point to kit bash?

Tom Lewis
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