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I chose the Soundtraxx Tsunami 2 for Steam. 


Sorry I did not make any photos of the installation.  I am a novice at this
and this was my first steam locomotive.  My locomotive was DCC ready and the
tender had plenty of room in it.  Total time to install was about 25"-30".
As I mentioned I used the Soundtraxx Tsunami 2 for steam decoder,
Soundtraxx Current Keeper, a TCS harness and a tds 1.1" Hi-Bass speaker


1)      I soldered my speaker wires to the decoder.

2)      I attached the Current Keeper to the decoder.

3)      Removed the tender shell by hand, no screws.

4)      I attached all three parts with Scotch Double-sided foam tape.  I
attached the decoder to one side of the tender, the current keeper to the
other and the speaker in the front of the tender.  There are two holes in
the front of the tender so I did not drill holes in the floor or coal load.
I figured that if I didn't like the sound I could always go back and do
that.  After listening to the sound and don't think I have to do that.
Others may disagree.

5)      Then I plugged in the decoder and reattached the shell.

6)      That's it.


I hope that this helps anyone interested.  It really was that simply.  If I
can help anyone let me know.  Thank you all again for your help.  This is a
great group.


Mark Goodrich

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