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Hi, Fellow N&W Fans.
I received both of the N&W Audio CD's from Herron Rail through the Society a week or so ago. In case you haven't heard they are selling these 2 CD's: "Riding The Clinch Valley Local" and "Chasing The Pigeon Creek Shifter". I have been so busy playing them over and over I just didn't get a chance to send this along.
These are pure gems for N&W fans! Hearing E-2 #578 pulling Train #5 for over an hour is something special and something I had always dreamed of hearing. The sounds of 2 different Y-6's (#2136 and #2151) switching cars and running along the main is also a treat for us.
I'm more than happy with my purchases and knew they would be a treasured part of my N&W collection as Herron Rail is, to me, the premier quality video and audio company in the business and Jim certainly came through for us.
These really belong right there alongside the Society box of Link audio CD's. Every bit as good as those Link recordings.
Just my 2¢!
Roger HuberDeer Creek Locomotive Works
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