Red Paint for AMB Caboose

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Actually,  the N&W color was closer to Floquil's signal red than to their caboose red.

As with anything,  color is an exercise in visual comparisons and any bright red will be good.  Avoid something that looks orangey or pink or maroon (or brown) and with any application of weathering you will be right where you want to be.

Dr. J. Brent Greer
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I am starting pull gather things I will need to begin building my American Model Builders, HO N&W Class CF Caboose kit I purchased from the Commissary.  So far, everything I have read references a Caboose Red paint by Floquil that is no longer made.  What brand paint and name of color would you recommended for my caboose?  I have found a bottle of Floquil Caboose Red on eBay but I really don’t want to pay $23.95 for a small bottle of paint!​  Thanks.

Jack Fletcher
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